Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spagetti with the Italian

Hi everyone! It's been awhile since I last blogged, but now I'm a little bit more freed up so here's a new blogpost!

So awhile ago, my Italian friend - Antonio made a nice lunch for my flatmate & I. We had some yummy, authentic spagetti and it was really good.

So this is Antonio de Nicolo, our "naked" chef for the afternoon..

Our chef posing by the stove..

My flatmate, Sneha from India, deciding to join in with the cooking & Antonio critiquing her culinary skills.. LOL

What's spagetti without the Asian touch?? That's where I come in and test my culinary skills too!!!

Italian + Indian + Asian = *voila* Perfecto!!

After cooking, I found a cockroach in our cupboard so I put on my murderous gaze
and defeated it!!! Rawr....!!!

For dessert, my friend Ashu made Banana bread!! How amazingly good
does it look?? Jealous already? Hahaha..

What's better than banana bread?? It's banana bread with ice-cream!!
So yummy!!

Sneha & I in the kitchen..

After lunch, Sneha, Ashu & I went to 'Kawa' for some coffee just to enjoy the weather..

Really nice & chill place with a lot of trees & sunlight.. It's a Must visit spot!!

My Soy Cappuccino... soo good...

Sneha & Ashu's chai with milk or something.. It was really good too,
but kinda weird that they would serve it in a Chinese tea pot...

Sneha & I...

So yeah, that ends my fun afternoon & evening with good food & great company.

Til next time!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Up and Coming!

Hey y'all!!

Just wanted to let you all know how my week was and what's coming in the next few weeks.

1. Easter is coming so soon!! I'm super excited because Hillsong Church has a Video & Art Easter presentation which usually looks super professional. Definitely will blog about that!!

2. On the Monday after Easter I'm organizing a Photo Scavenger Hunt for the students @ College so I've just been super busy with that alone.

So just wanted to give you all a tasting plate of the good things to come. Be on the lookout!!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thinking out Loud..

Just thinking out loud here guys...

Okay, I think it's my time of the month and I'm freaking PMS-ing because for the past few days I've been feeling super depressed then after that HYPER happy, and later rollercoaster dive to sadness once again.. On top of that I get easily irritated!! I felt super guilty because I was rude to so many people!!

So weird to feel like this.. Was at Church today and all the more on Choir.. So with my depressed face I tried to look happy and presentable to be on stage. I have to say it was so hard to pull my face up into a smile!! Worship did help my mood a lot and things started getting better for the day.

Night comes and after Church I just got irritated about something small again and there goes my good mood! Dang these hormones.. Makes me feel so unstable..

Right now my thoughts are "I wanna go home now!!!" Just the usual homesickness x200!! Had some ice cream just now, but totally didn't help me out at all..

Omg, now I'm debating whether do I want to finish College in July and go home or continue on for a 3rd year.. I need comfort food so badly now!!! Give me some wanton mee from Cheras..

Anyways, now I need to shower and go to bed. Working from 11:30am - 11pm tomorrow.. Yeap, it's almost 12 hours.. Thanks for sticking around people!


Monday, March 15, 2010

Chaotic Kitchen!!

So the reason of why I'm posting this is because for the past 3 days, my kitchen has been looking like this... so I just needed to vent a little.. Haha!!

There's a picture for you..

Stuff just like scattered everywhere.. On the counter and in the sink...

Okay.. So that's how the kitchen has been for the past 3 days.. Nothing cleaned but just more stuff added! I don't really know why I'm sharing my dirty kitchen with you all, but try to enjoy the pictures ok? Hahaha!!

Garbage is just stacked in a corner.... Hmmm been there for maybe 3 days??!!

Juice spill on the table been discovered this morning...

Pile of dirty dishes dug up from the sink... Hahaha...

Clean dishes & utensils not being kept away...

Hahaha.. are we enjoying this post so far??? There's more....

The recycled items stacked sky-high.. It's partially my fault, I'm too lazy to take it out!!

Stove partially covered in food & pots still containing overnight food.. Yummy!!
*Disclaimer, those pots aren't mine..*

*BUT HERE COMES....... Julie!!!!!*

My beautiful roommate Julie from Canada!
She decided to clean everything up and save us from cockroaches that would come to visit our kitchen very soon!

*Cinderella cleaning, scrubbing, drying & sweeping away....*

(Some time passes....)

Taaddaaaa!!!! Clean kitchen & counters.. Amazing!! What would my life be without Julie...
Just for fun, maybe you want to compare how my kitchen looks in this picture to how it looked before..

Yay, for a clean stove!!! No more oil, grease or food stains!! *crazy laughter*

So.. that was a little glimpse into my not-so-glamorous life in Sydney. So the moral of the story is, do your dishes because worst case scenario, your kitchen will look like mine!! I'm sure you don't want that. Pity those Mom's that clean up after dinner everyday!! Maybe tonight just give her a hand with the dishes, because 2 people cleaning is way more fun than 1 person cleaning alone.. Hahaha!!

That's all I've got this time, thanks for reading. Much love!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Ideal Voice

Okay so today I was just thinking... If I could choose who I want to sound like when I sing, who would I pick?

So I came up with a combination of artists that I would love to sound like..

Top on my list would definitely be BEYONCE!! She is such a powerhouse when she sings.. Ideal, ideal type of voice..

"All the Single Ladies~~!!"

But at the same time I want to sound sweet as well as powerful.. So I decided to put in some Leona Lewis as well.. Sounding almost perfect now..

"Footprints in the Sand..."

Okay to make things fun, I would want some Lady Gaga in there as well.. Why? Because she has such a nice speaking voice & sounds freaking good for upbeat songs!


To go above and beyond, I'll get some Alicia Keys in there as well... Just because her lower range is super SEXY!!!!!

"If I Ain't got you baby...."

And to top it all of, Christina Aguilera would just be perfect... Great falsetto and massive range!! Just put it in there just in case Beyonce isn't enough.. Haha!

"Lady Marmalade"

So to sum it all up, it all comes down to:

40% - Beyonce
20% - Leona L.
20% - Alicia K.
10% - Lady Gaga
10% - Christina A.

PERFECTION!! Just doing some wishful thinking...

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